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Donald Trump scares rivals with secret military weapons ‘nobody’s ever even heard of’

The US President was speaking at a veteran’s event in Virginia before China flexed its muscles with a sabre-rattling display of its growing military might in a parade to celebrate 70 years of Communist rule. He said: “America’s armed forces are more powerful than ever and growing even stronger. We have the newest equipment and […]



Iran vs Saudi Arabia weapons compared as tensions boil after oil attack

Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian President, still denies that his country were involved in the devastating strikes on two Saudi oil plants in Abqaiq and Khurais. Meanwhile, Houthi rebels who are based in Yemen and aligned with Tehran have claimed responsibility for the attack, releasing satellite imagery that supposedly displays their attacks hitting 17 of 19 […]


China alert: ‘Advanced weapons’ spotted ahead of huge parade – what is Beijing planning?

On October 1, China will mark the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China with a military parade through the streets of Beijing. China is set to show off its fearsome weaponry, and experts believe a few new major weapons could be on the agenda. Images from Reuters showed a sneak peak of the […]


Iran v US: Tehran ‘inching toward talks’ after Trump leaves door open on nuclear weapons

US Defence Secretary Mark Esper said Iran was “inching toward” being open to talks days after US President Donald Trump suggested a meeting between both sides should take place at the upcoming UN General Assembly in New York. Mr Esper said: “It seems in some ways that Iran is inching toward that place where we […]


Erdogan ramps up war talk as Turkey pushes for nuclear weapons after Putin missile row

The Turkish President said it was unacceptable that nations boasting missiles of their own are attempting to restrict Turkey’s military operations. Erdogan said: “Some nations have missiles with nuclear warheads — not just one or two. But (they say) I should not have missiles with nuclear warheads. I don’t accept this. “There is is almost […]


Iran threat: Tehran poised to deploy deadly laser weapons ‘Fire, mobility and precision’

Laser is being used in artillery systems for two purposes, and could help increase the volume of fire, mobility and precision General Shahrokh Shahram General Shahrokh Shahram said Tehran has obtained the technical know-how to manufacture and utilise advanced cannons using high-power laser beams, the Tasnim news agency reported. He explained: “Laser is being used in […]


Hypersonic threat: Massive spending on deadly weapons could trigger World War 3

And the research, published by Jane’s by IHS Markit, highlighted the astronomical sums being spent by Russia, China and United States on hypersonics – with the US currently lagging behind despite having spent as much money as the other two combined. The study suggests the balance of power is being distorted because nuclear weapons are […]