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Alan Halsall health latest: Coronation Street star has new look after undergoing procedure

Alan Halsall, 36, has played Tyrone Dobbs in ITV’s Coronation Street since 1998. He was around 16 at the time and sported a short straight-cut fringe. But like many men as they get older, Halsall has been experiencing hair loss. In a bid to beat his receding hairline, the actor has chosen do u…



Google Maps Street View: Incredible sighting of man undergoing life-changing moment

Google Maps Street View often captures the weird, the creepy and the funny sides of life but this image shows it can also capture the truly romantic.
A man has been photographed in France asking one of the most important questions a person can ask in life.
The man is holding a piece of… https://is.gd/UcKPvP