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Holidays 2019: The world’s most amazing road trip only takes seven days – can you guess?

Holidays offer freedom and opportunity when rules, ties and traditions are abandoned. This is often the case with road trip holidays, during which travellers might not plan their journey, or accommodation, in advance. They may merely book initial flights and organise a rental car and leave the…



Debbie McGee: Strictly star recalls awkward NAKED moment amid trip with Paul Daniels

Debbie McGee, 60, giggled as she recalled a time she had “stripped off” in a toilet, but was swiftly interrupted by an unlikely creature. Debbie spilled all when discussing toilet stories on her self-titled radio show on BBC Radio Berkshire this morning. She said: “We were on holiday in the Sey…


Macron latest: Under-fire French leader returns from ski trip with Paris in flames

Thugs were seen vandalising businesses on the upmarket Champs-Elysees avenue on the 18th straight weekend of protests which were characterised with a sharp increase in violence. Fires were started in nearby streets, with at least one car erupting in flames. The fire department said two people…


Dubai travel rules: Pack this item on your trip to UAE and risk confiscation at the border

It won’t come as a surprise that different countries have different rules about what is and isn’t allowed. A number of rules which do not exist in the UK are enforced in other corners of the world, such as the United Arab Emirates. From its impressive architecture to its scorching hot tem…


Colbert Calls Out Trump Over Nancy Pelosi Trip: 'I've Told The Taliban You're Coming!'

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert blasted Trump’s decision to reveal the trip, which Trump said could still be made commercially or rescheduled for after the government shutdown ends.  

“Basically, what Trump’s letter said was: ’Nancy, feel free to go commercial now that I’ve told the Taliban …