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Women cut one thing out of diet to lose 3.7 stone – what weight loss plan did she follow?

A woman has revealed how the keto diet has helped her lose weight, alongside ditching alcohol. The proud Reddit user took to the public social media site to share her weight loss journey and celebrate her sobriety. She said: “Celebrating one year sober and 53lbs lost!” The 28-year-old woman was roundly praised by Reddit users […]



Got a PS4 but prefer the Xbox controller? Nacon might have just the thing for you

Given the choice between the Xbox One and PS4, I’d pick Sony’s PlayStation console all day. The PS4 has the better exclusives, I much prefer the simplicity of the PS4 dashboard and I’d be lost without my trusty PSVR headset. The only thing I would swap out is the DualShock 4, which isn’t a patch […]


Flights: Drink this one simple thing to banish jet lag after a long haul plane journey

Flight jet lag can be a miserable reality for many long-haul travellers – yet a simple solution tastes particularly fruity, according to experts. The NHS defines jet lag as “when your normal sleep pattern is disturbed after a long flight.” It adds: “Symptoms usually improve within a few days as your body adjusts to the […]


Queen Elizabeth II: Monarch never speaks about this one thing when travelling – but why?

Queen Elizabeth is now the UK’s best-travelled monarch and has been to all four corners of the world. She has visited numerous world leaders and been hosted for meals on countless occasions. Many people may wonder what the Queen likes to eat and whether she’s served the favoured meals while away. However, a royal insider […]


Never do this one thing before going on a cruise ship to avoid embarrassing faux-pas

Cruise ship holidays are hugely popular with Britons and many such trips are considered synonymous with elegance. An advantage of cruises is that more luggage can be taken on board a ship in comparison to a plane. However, it’s key to put plenty of thought into your holiday packing for a cruise. Passengers are being […]


Flights: Never do this one thing before a flight – especially if you are a nervous flyer

Flights can cause some holidaymakers a lot of anxiety, no matter how excited they are about the destination ahead. There are various ways such folk can help their nerves both during and ahead of a flight. There’s one thing anxious travellers should avoid doing to limit discomfort. Travel experts from MyBaggage.com have shared a top […]


Holidays 2019: Doing this everyday thing in Greece could get you into serious trouble

Greece travellers head to the stunning country have the option to island hop, or stay in one location to soak up the sunshine. Those travelling from the UK may be used to one particular everyday pastime, yet it is strongly frowned upon in the Mediterranean country. So much so, in fact, that one thing could […]