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Hayfever symptoms: How to get rid of hayfever with eye drops or nasal spray

Britain’s weather may be far from spring-like at the moment, but sadly for hayfever sufferers, the UK pollen count is high. Hayfever can cause coughing, a runny nose and itchy eyes among other symptoms and can be effectively treated with eye drops and nasal sprays. Express.co.uk takes a look at what causes hayfever  and how […]



West Nile Virus: What is West Nile Virus, what are the symptoms and is it FATAL?

Government health officials have warned tourists visiting Greece to take precautions after a spike in the number of West Nile virus cases there. More than 300 people were infected with the mosquito-born virus in the Mediterranean hotspot last year – and there is no vaccine. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office is offering this travel […]


Health warning: Listeria infection is on the rise – what are the symptoms?

Listeria is a bug that can cause an illness similar to a flu. It can become severely dangerous for certain number of people including pregnant woman, unborn babies and new babies and people who are unwell. For pregnant women there is a major warning as being infected could infect the unborn baby. It can cause […]


Listeria warning: What is Listeria? What are the symptoms and how do you catch it?

Listeria is a rare but sometimes fatal disease people contract from eating infected food. Recently a listeria outbreak in the UK was traced to hospitals serviced by food vendor The Good Food Chain. Nine people contracted listeriosis across 43 hospitals, and five people have died. Cases of listeriosis do not always result in death, but […]


Listeria outbreak: What causes Listeria in food and what are symptoms of Listeria?

Listeria has broken out in UK hospitals, posing a risk to people with a compromised immune system. On June 7 it was announced seriously ill patients in hospital had developed listeria infections. Infections were detected in eight hospitals across seven NHS trusts and linked to pre-packed sandwiches and salads. Of the nine people infected by […]


Niall Horan health: One Direction singer’s hidden condition – the symptoms

Niall Horan, 25, has revealed in the past how he suffers with anxiety and mental health issues when it comes to performing. In 2017, the star said he gets “a little anxious”. But last year, the One Direction singer shed light on a different mental illness he’s been diagnosed with – obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). […]