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A Place in the Sun: 'I'm so disappointed' Laura Hamilton shocked by couple's shutdown

Today’s A Place in the Sun saw Laura Hamilton travel to Southern Spain to try and find the dream home for Susan and her partner Ilse. Unfortunately Ilse couldn’t join Susan on the search so best friend Julie went along with her to help look for the perfect place for them to live. But it […]



Kodi shutdown – Streaming fans dealt massive blow as crackdown gets serious

Kodi fans may find some of their favourite add-ons have suddenly disappeared. In another major crackdown, it’s being reported that at least four of these popular streaming services have been forced to close their doors with 13 Clowns, Maverick TV and Overeasy all thought to be have been hit by the latest closures. The shut […]


The Shutdown Could Have Long-Term Mental Health Consequences For Workers

L. Les, 42, begins to cry as she describes how the shutdown has affected her and her 10-year-old son. She’s behind on her mortgage, car and utility bills. While she has arranged to pay some of the bills later, Les worries about how her credit will be affected by the delays.

She applied for p…


California EARTHQUAKE: Who is watching for tremors during Government shutdown?

Donald Trump has just agreed to a solution to the US government shutdown, currently the longest in history at 35 days. The new agreement would keep the government open for a further three weeks before further negotiations would need to take place. This would mean employees would once again be…


As The Government Shutdown Drags On, Food Assistance For Millions Could Run Out

Marian Lewis noticed something weird after she bought a cup of yogurt over the weekend.  

Her receipt showed that she had more than $ 120 on her electronic benefit transfer card, the piece of plastic that replaced the actual stamps of the original food stamp program. The amount should have …