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Hay fever: Dr Chris reveals seven ways to stop your symptoms at night on This Morning

Hay fever season is in full swing, with the emergence of warm and windy weather. With higher temperatures forecast this weekend, many sufferers will be bracing themselves for the sneezing, itchy eyes and itchy throat that may be triggered. One of the worst times of day for hay fever sufferers…



Cancer symptoms: Seven signs in the eyes that could signal the deadly disease

Cancer symptoms are important to recognise because a cure for the condition is yet to exist. Detecting cancer early can ensure treatment is more effective and increase your chances of survival. But in many cases, the symptoms of cancer are mistaken for non-cancerous illnesses, meaning they’re i…


Holidays 2019: The world’s most amazing road trip only takes seven days – can you guess?

Holidays offer freedom and opportunity when rules, ties and traditions are abandoned. This is often the case with road trip holidays, during which travellers might not plan their journey, or accommodation, in advance. They may merely book initial flights and organise a rental car and leave the…


Shark attack: SEVEN huge predators turned deep sea RED during CANNIBAL onslaught

The shocking scenes unfolded during the filming of David Attenborough’s famous BBC series Blue Planet 2. Researchers used a Triton submarine to plunge more than 1000m below the ocean surface, where they uncovered the carcass of a huge whale. However, within minutes, the team came face-to-face w…


India election process EXPLAINED: The SEVEN stages in world’s BIGGEST democratic event

In what will be the world’s biggest democratic event in history, India will take to the polls across six weeks to elect members of parliament and a prime minister. There are more than 900 million eligible voters in the elections, and with tensions high around several key issues, the race has b…