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Tom Watson weight loss: Labour MP lost a whopping seven stone – how did he do it?

Tom Watson, 52, shared images of himself climbing Snowdon recently, reflecting on the weight loss that allowed him to acheive such a feat. Taking to Twitter, he wrote: “Two years ago – aged 50, weighing 22st, with T2 diabetes – climbing to the summit of Snowdon was unfathomable. Today, 100lbs lighter and in remission from […]



Dementia signs: The SEVEN stages of dementia – and the shocking signs to look out for

Dementia refers to a collection of symptoms rather than one singular disease, which appears in a range of syndromes including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Most people know dementia to develop in later life as bodily function begins to decline. A slight decline in mental ability is natural in older age, especially from ages 50 to […]


Female &# 039; s weight reduction diet prepare for unbelievable 7 stone and 10 gown improvement

A lady who lost 7 stone has actually exposed how she did it after coming through substantial difficulty. The mother-of-two, Liz Jones, 39, gained weight after a split with a partner and the death of her daddy. She reached a size 26 and was ultimately inspired to reduce weight after seeing images of herself at […]


Crowning Street: Christopher Quinten, 61, ENGAGED to sweetheart, 21, after 7 months

Christopher Quinten, 61, who played Gail Platt’s spouse Brian Tilley in Coronation Street, proposed to his sweetheart Robyn Delabarre at her birthday celebration. Robyn submitted a video of the unique minute to her Facebook, which she captioned: “My 21st birthday a night I will never forget my wow.” The raven-haired appeal exposed she and Christopher […]


Brexit win as UK nails trade handle South Korea– and it didn’t take 7 years

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox verified the significant Brexit win today, which will enable organisations to continue trading easily after Britain’s exit from the European Union on October31 It comes as a significant contrast from previous remarks recommending the UK might deal with settlements of as much as 7 years for tariff-free trade under World […]


Tongue cancer caution: Seven signs you might be at threat of if you smoke

Tongue cancer signs can be discovered on the front 2 thirds of the tongue or the base of the tongue, and might be puzzled for less major health conditions. Then this is classified as mouth cancer, if cancer establishes on the front 2 thirds of the tongue (the oral tongue). This is classified as oropharyngeal […]


How to deal with loss of hair: Seven methods to deal with and avoid balding

Hair loss isn’t typically an indication of a major health condition however it can be distressing for the individual included. Some kinds of loss of hair are long-term, like male and female pattern baldness. Discovering tested methods to avoid and preserve a healthy head of hair supplies assurance. Surgeon Doctor Munir Somji exposes the 7 […]