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Keto diet secret revealed – how can you check if weight loss plan is working?

The keto diet plan is picking up incredible a huge number of devoted followers online. Many claim the diet works fast, and does not leave them feeling hungry. So, it is no surprise more and more people are turning to the diet. But, how can you make sure you are doing it right? A keto […]


Weight loss secret – lose a pound a week with one easy weight loss diet trick

Dieters can shed a pound a week by simply giving up alcohol, and an expert has revealed. Giving up booze comes with many benefits, and weight loss is just one of them. Many forget about the calories in alcohol when dieting, but they can be substantial. “Alcohol is calorie and carbohydrate-packed meaning that not only […]


Google Maps Street View: Mysterious house blurred out – what secret is Google hiding?

Google Maps Street View captures buildings, people and more as it maps the world. When the tech giant wants to protect privacy it will blur out people’s faces and personal details such as number plates and house numbers. Sometimes, however, there appears to be no explanation for why Google Maps has hidden certain scenes. This […]


Elon Musk: SpaceX founder reveals secret to cosmos domination after showcasing new rocket

Elon Musk is the tech tyrant behind SpaceX, Tesla, Nuueralink, The Boring Company and OpenAI. Earlier this week, the 48-year-old unveiled the shiny new rocket, the Starship MK1, intended to help fulfil Musk’s goal of a permanent settlement on Mars. Tim Dodd, presenter of YouTube channel Everyday Astronaut had the chance to pick the brain of […]


Neil Jones tattoos revealed: Strictly Come Dancing star shows off secret ink

Professional dancer and Strictly star Neil Jones is no stranger to being in the limelight, waltzing his way across the stage every week. This year he has taken to screens once again for the 2019 competition, paired up with English footballer Alex Scott. The pair have been hard at work preparing for their routines, frequently […]


Strictly Come Dancing: Catherine Tyldesley reveals her weight loss secret

Catherine Tyldesley is an actress who rose to fame with her role as Eva Price in Coronation Street, having also starred in television hits Holby City, Red Riding and Emmerdale. Now she has taken to the dance floor as part of the 2019 Strictly Come Dancing line up, partnered with South African choreographer Johannes Radebe. […]


WW3: Secret Home Office doc exposes UK nuclear fears – ‘Given the inevitability of war’

The papers, which were obtained by Express.co.uk, revealed a series of conversations between the Home Office and film producer Bruce Parsons. Dated October 22, 1975, the letters discuss the “inevitability of nuclear war” in reference to the Arms Race between the Soviet Union and the US. The Home Office requested Mr Parsons services to help produce […]