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Why Chernobyl still divides Russia from the west

The most dangerous building in the world is lit with halogen floodlights beneath a shimmering silver dome. Dappled in shades of faded grey, propped up at one end by yellow scaffolding, it looms like an industrial crime scene. We are standing just a dozen metres from the condemned concrete walls of Reactor Four at the […]



Russia power plant fire: Chilling echo of Chernobyl as huge blaze kills 1 and injures 13

The Severnaya thermal power plant in Chelobit’yevo caught fire following an explosion at a gas pipeline next to the plant. The operation of the power plant was suspended but the plant itself was not damaged, a senior energy official said. Flames soared 50 metres above the building. More than 70 fire units tackled the blaze […]


Very cold war: Russia sub tragedy part of Putin secret moves to rule Arctic

The officers died in the Barents Sea on Monday, but the accident was covered-up. Even now the Kremlin will only say the crew of so-called hydronauts – effectively deep sea special forces – were studying the sea floor and details of the tragedy are a “state secret”. But it has emerged the nuclear-powered AS-12 sub, […]


Russia scrambles fighter jet to intercept US ‘spy plane closing in on Crimea’

A video shows the latest close aerial encounter between the air forces of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, it is alleged. The Russian defence ministry said: “An Su-27 fighter jet as part of the Southern Military District’s air defences was scrambled to intercept the target. The crew flew the aircraft at a safe distance to […]


Russia shock claim: Damaged submarine linked to underwater spying programme

Official confirmation from the tragic disaster omitted the location other than in Russian territorial waters but local reports have claimed the incident took place in the Barents Sea on an AS-12 submarine nicknamed “Losharik”. Washington Free Beacon reported citing state media that the submersible was designed for deep sea missions, such as tapping into undersea communication […]


Russia alert: Moscow a ‘major power’ and ‘demands serious attention’, expert warns

Speaking in the wake of continued Russian belligerence over Crimea and just over a year after the infamous Skripal poisonings in Salisbury, Russia expert James Nixey told Express.co.uk that the nation remains inarguably “one of the top five” powers in the world. Mr Nixey, based at London’s Chatham House, said: “The fact of the matter […]


Trump is laying groundwork for a new world order built around the US, China and Russia

U.S. President Donald Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping shake hands before their bilateral meeting during the G-20 leaders summit in Osaka, Japan on June 29, 2019. Kevin Lamarque | Reuters President Donald Trump showed during last week’s Group of 20 meeting in Osaka, Japan what he meant by repeated off-the-cuff remarks that he wanted […]