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This simple laser will help you pull into your garage perfectly every time

Park your car, truck, van, and SUV perfectly, easily and without any damage to your motor vehicle or garage wall with the Auto Assist garage Laser Parking Guide from OxGord, a premier supplier and manufacturer of automotive supplies and accessories. Precision parking: The motion-activated laser shines onto your vehicle and accurately guides you to the […]



Iran threat: Tehran poised to deploy deadly laser weapons ‘Fire, mobility and precision’

Laser is being used in artillery systems for two purposes, and could help increase the volume of fire, mobility and precision General Shahrokh Shahram General Shahrokh Shahram said Tehran has obtained the technical know-how to manufacture and utilise advanced cannons using high-power laser beams, the Tasnim news agency reported. He explained: “Laser is being used in […]


German Navy shock: Missile company plans HUGE military laser – ‘New possibilities!’

Rheinmetall, a European defence contractor, and missile developers MBDA Deutschland have reached an agreement with the German Navy to supply the weapon. The laser will be mounted on a corvette ship – most likely a K130, UK Defence Journal reports. A press release said: “The details and division of responsibilities between the two companies will […]


Fortnite 10.10 update patch notes: Retail Row zombies, Mech targeting laser, BRUTE changes

Retail Row is infested with zombies (Image: EPIC GAMES) UPDATE: Fortnite update 10.10 will also make improvements to recent hitching and stuttering issues on PC and Mac. That’s according to an Epic tweet, which explains more about the 10.10 patch. “In v10.10, we’re including improvements to the recent hitching/stuttering issues on PC and Mac. We will […]


Fortnite 10.10 patch notes UPDATE: Retail Row zombies, BRUTE targeting laser, Mech changes

Retail Row is infested with zombies (Image: EPIC GAMES) Fortnite update 10.10 has been released by Epic Games. As Fortnite goes offline for server maintenance, Epic has released the patch notes for the big new 10.10 update. The new update makes a number of significant changes to Battle Royale. This includes tweaks to the much […]


United States prepared to release lethal laser weapons by 2022 as Russia intensifies toolbox

Lieutenant General Neil Thurgood, head of the Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office, stated field tests would intend to install 50- kilowatt lasers on Stryker armoured cars by2021 The very first gun-and-missile models will be provided this year, with 144 cars anticipated to be in […]


Dragonfire: Royal Navy readies deadly laser super weapon – which can slice through DRONES

The Royal Navy is preparing to deploy a next-generation weapon that can destroy enemy drones. Ships belonging to the UK armed forces will soon install Dragonfire laser guns. Dragonfire will be used to protect its naval and land forces from missile threats, drone attacks and artillery…