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United States prepared to release lethal laser weapons by 2022 as Russia intensifies toolbox

Lieutenant General Neil Thurgood, head of the Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office, stated field tests would intend to install 50- kilowatt lasers on Stryker armoured cars by2021 The very first gun-and-missile models will be provided this year, with 144 cars anticipated to be in […]



Dragonfire: Royal Navy readies deadly laser super weapon – which can slice through DRONES

The Royal Navy is preparing to deploy a next-generation weapon that can destroy enemy drones. Ships belonging to the UK armed forces will soon install Dragonfire laser guns. Dragonfire will be used to protect its naval and land forces from missile threats, drone attacks and artillery…


California fire laser conspiracy: Terrorism, illuminati or ALIENS – What caused the fires?

The two raging infernos – known as the Camp (or Paradise) Fire and Woolsey Fire, have killed 63 people, and 630 remain unaccounted for. Entire neighbourhoods have been reduced to rubble, with some 12,000 homes destroyed. And, frustratingly for locals and authorities alike, the cause of…


Alien sighting: Strange laser beams spotted being ‘shot out of Saturn’

An amateur astronomer was gazing at the stars through her telescope when she noticed something bizarre.
Just past her sighting of the moon, Paula Gilley could see Saturn.
However, what makes the sighting so strange is that she could see what appeared to be red lasers being shot out deep into…


PS Plus October 2018 countdown: Release date, time for Friday 13th, Laser League on PS4

PS Plus subscribers are counting down to the release of the free PS4 games for October 2018.
The latest batch of PlayStation Plus freebies have an October 2 release date on PS4, PS3 and PlayStation Vita.
Eager fans will be able to access the new PS Plus games from around 10am UK …