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Saudi Arabia: New tourist visa launches today – would you visit strict kingdom?

Saudi Arabia is opening up to foreign visitors as it makes tourist visas available for the first time. It has been described as a “historic moment” for Saudi Arabia by Tourism Minister Ahmad al-Khateeb. Visas are available both online and on arrival for a fee of 440 riyals (£95.43), reported Saudi newspaper Okaz last week. […]



Bible discovery: Scientists find real kingdom from Book of Genesis

Edom, according to the Book of Genesis, was the state that existed “before kings ruled the children of Israel”. In the face of scepticism from historians, scientists and archaeologists working in southern Jordan and Israel have analysed ancient industrial and mining sites. They have found signs to suggest that mines in various parts of the […]


Square Enix news: Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Kingdom Hearts 3, Dragon Quest XI

UPDATE ONE: Square Enix has now confirmed that the first three games in the Dragon Quest series will be launching on the Nintendo eShop in the West. This is the first time on console that these games will be available in Europe, with the retro titles launching on September 27. ORIGINAL: Square Enix news today […]


How the animal kingdom could help your football club

By David Chipakupaku, news reporter Footballers who wear stripes could learn from the animal kingdom how to confuse their opponents – if they run fast enough. Research published by scientists shows that animals with stripes can confuse their predators by appearing to be blurred when they move quickly. To find this out, scientists at Newcastle […]


Asgardia: World’s first space kingdom claims first space baby born within 25 YEARS

In June last year a fledgling micro nation elected its first parliament. The new country boasts a population of 250,000, flag and constitution. But Asgardia is in fact like no other nation on Earth as it is the first-ever space kingdom. Asgardia is the idea of one man with an utopian vision unlike any other. Russian […]


Kingdom Come: Deliverance Dev Acknowledges That the Game Had Too Many Bugs at Launch

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Community Manager, Christian Piontek, has acknowledged in a Reddit ask-me-anything session that the game suffered from a number of bugs at launch and that Warhorse Studios miscalculated their impact. In response to a fan who asked what the studio thinks was its “biggest mistake,” Piontek said: To be humble and honest here, […]