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Atlas Xbox One release date news and server game time launch revealed

Atlas is releasing this week into the Xbox One Game Preview programme, complete with Crossplay. That means that Atlas gamers on PC will be able to enjoy the title with their console counterparts. There is no news regarding whether Atlas will also launch on PS4 in the future, but there’s no reason to rule this […]


WATCH: Foul-mouthed easyJet cabin crew reveals ‘game’ she plays with plane passengers

An easyJet cabin crew member has posted a shocking video to Snapchat which has gone rapidly viral. The alarming footage shows flight attendant Emma Kivell, 36, unleashing a foul-mouthed tirade. Kivell filmed herself in her easyJet uniform as she complained of how tiring it is working as cabin crew and what she really thought of […]


Game of Thrones: Tyrion Lannister was completely different in the books – here’s why

During the attack Tyrion sustained an injury on his face, giving him a brutal scar, and a talking point for those around him. But in the books Tyrion’s face was critically damaged, to the point where he lost his entire nose in the attack. This added to his brutal looking physique, and gave even more […]


PS4 FREE game download warning: Last chance to play this classic adventure for free

PS4 fans have until the end of the weekend to download and play part of a platforming classic for free. During Sony’s most recent State of Play presentation, the company announced that a free MediEvil demo would be available ahead of its release date. The only catch is that the MediEvil demo is only available […]


Overwatch League Grand Finals: Most surprising game moment was improvised

Billed as a memorable clash, the San Franciso Shock maintained a strong showing, peppered with impressive plays during the OWL Grand Finals. And while the Vancouver Titans failed to score an Overwatch map, the 4-0 scoreline misleads in terms of quality. The Finals were entertaining to watch and included some great plays, with Doomfist playing […]


Game of Thrones end: WHY did Drogon go? Everybody is missing one HUGE reason

It was a beautiful image. The faithful dragon soaring into the sooty sky, his fallen mistress and ‘mother’ clutched in his claws. Where was Drogon going? To resurrect Dany? Unfortunately, the real reason is much less romantic and also exposes the fatal flaws at the heart of the hugely divisive final season of Game of […]