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Amazon fires: Brazil’s Bolsonaro refuses to talk to ‘our dear Macron’ as feud escalates

International outrage over the forest fires has escalated in recent weeks, while Brazil’s far-right government has denounced what it views as foreign meddling on domestic issues. “I am ready to talk with some people, except our dear Macron, unless he apologises about our sovereignty over the Amazon,” he told reporters. “Brazil is everyone’s friend. I’m […]



As Trump Escalates Trade War, U.S. and China Move Further Apart With No End in Sight

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s trade war with China entered new territory on Sunday as his next round of tariffs took effect, changing the rules of trade in ways that have no recent historic precedent and driving the world’s two largest economies further apart. American tariffs on foreign goods had already climbed higher than any time […]


Macron furious as Brazil president mocks wife Brigitte – Amazon row escalates

Emmanuel Macron and Jair Bolsonaro have been involved in a spat after the French President criticised Mr Bolsonaro’s handling of the Amazon rainforest fires and threatened to tear up a trade deal. But Brazil’s President appears to have hit back at Mr Macron, by insulting his wife, Brigitte Macron’s, appearance online. Mr Bolsonaro endorsed a […]


Russia nuclear leak: Mysterious footage of hazmat officials escalates radiation panic

Russian President Vladimir Putin has remained silent, amid growing speculation that a nuclear missile accident has caused a dangerous radiation leak at a naval base. The Kremlin have confirmed that a “rocket engine explosion” at the Archangelsk base in northern Russia killed five people and injured three. Last night, Russia’s nuclear energy agency Rostam admitted that they […]


Merkel crisis: Germany slips into economic meltdown as US-China trade war escalates

Sebastian Dullien from the Institute for Macroeconomics and Business Cycle Research has accused the German Chancellor of burying her head in the sand when it came to the impact of the war on tariffs between Washington and Beijing, which he claims has already had a detrimental effect on Berlin. When asked about the current economic […]


Iran chaos: Iran seizes foreign oil tanker ‘smuggling fuel’ – crisis escalates

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps seized a oil tanker they claimed was “smuggling fuel”. Seven sailors on board the vessel have been detained. “The IRGC’s naval forces have seized a foreign oil tanker in the Persian Gulf that was smuggling fuel for some Arab countries,” TV quoted IRGC commander Ramezan Zirahi as saying. “It carried 700,000 […]


Coronation Street spoilers: Yasmeen Nazir suffers huge loss as Geoff’s abuse escalates?

Yasmeen (played by Shelley King) has started to question her own behaviour on Coronation Street after Geoff (Ian Bartholomew) planted seeds of doubt in her head following a tipple with her friends earlier this week. The sequence of events led to Geoff framing Yasmeen for causing damage to some expensive equipment at the Speed Daal […]