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Cancer symptoms: Seven signs in the eyes that could signal the deadly disease

Cancer symptoms are important to recognise because a cure for the condition is yet to exist. Detecting cancer early can ensure treatment is more effective and increase your chances of survival. But in many cases, the symptoms of cancer are mistaken for non-cancerous illnesses, meaning they’re i…



Clare Balding health latest: Five symptoms of presenter’s past deadly condition

Clare Balding, 48, revealed she had thyroid cancer back in 2009. The BBC sport presenter went public with the news at the time and made light of her illness saying, “At the moment I sound like Kermit”. Clare reportedly had her first operation in April that year to remove a cyst, just a month be…


Bowel cancer: Study shows eating this exotic diet could ward off the deadly disease

According to research recently published in the European Journal of Nutrition, consuming traditional Moroccan dairy products could guard against certain types of cancer. A large study examined thousands of patients across five hospitals in Morocco, who filled in questionnaires about their…


Sue Nicholls health latest: Five signs of deadly condition Coronation Street star once had

Sue Nicholls, 75, made her debut on ITV’s Coronation Street in 1979 and became a permanent member of the cast in 1985. During her time on the show she’s won achievements such as the 2000 British Soap Award for Best Comedy Performance and the 2003 British Soap Award for Best Dramatic Per…


Heart attack warning – signs and symptoms of deadly attacks as clocks go forward into BST

Heart attacks are a serious medical emergency that requires immediate treatment, according to the NHS. The condition, which is also known as a myocardial infarction, is caused by lack of blood reaching the heart. Without enough blood, the heart could become seriously damaged, and it could even …


Lung cancer symptoms: The surprising sign in your fingers of the deadly disease

More than a third of the people in the UK will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime, according to the NHS. Symptoms of cancer vary between the different types of the disease, and while some can seem obvious, others can be very subtle. Some cancer symptoms don’t always make you feel u…