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Beto O’Rourke on Trump: ‘Well, Jesus Christ, of course he’s racist’

Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke compared the rhetoric of President Trump to Nazi Germany Monday, before declaring, “Well, Jesus Christ, of course he’s racist.” O’Rourke joined MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to discuss his thoughts on the tragic mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio when host Joe Scarborough criticized Republicans who don’t condemn rhetoric […]



Jesus Christ bombshell: ‘No record of him!’ Historian delivers shock Bible bombshell

Apart from the Bible, there are very few historical accounts of Jesus Christ from around the time he lived. One of the main historical writings of Jesus comes from Tacitus, who is regarded as one of the best historians of the Roman era. However, Tacticus only mentioned Jesus in his Annals – a record of […]


Jesus Christ bombshell: Shroud of Turin hoax claims ruled out – But is it the face of God?

The Shroud of Turin remains one of the most revered Christian relics, despite naysayers and studies questioning its legitimacy. Enshrined in Turin Cathedral, Italy, the bizarre facial features etched into the ancient fabric are said to be of Jesus Christ himself. But a controversial 1988 study has cast doubts over the burial shroud after radiocarbon […]


Bible bombshell: Jesus Christ invented by Romans as ‘psychological warfare’

Joseph Atwill, author of ‘Caesar’s Messiah’, claims to have found ancient confessions from the Romans which states authorities created a ‘messiah’ to pacify Jews in Palestine. The American author says Jesus was not based on a historical figure, but the Romans drew inspiration from historical figures from the First Jewish-Roman War. Mr Atwill said: “Jewish […]


Jesus H. Christ mystery: Shock theory reveals origin of letter H – Where did it come from?

Jesus H. Christ is a more obscure version of the name Jesus Christ brought to wider attention in Mark Twain’s autobiography during the 19th century. The American novelist was recalling his time as a printer’s apprentice when he decided to get his revenge on old mentor from the time. He had been tasked with printing […]


End of the globe in simply THREE WEEKS as followers get ready for RETURN OF CHRIST

United States preacher Ronald Weinland thinks the globe is readied to upright June 9, when Jesus Christ returns. When Christ is reanimated, he will certainly rule over Earth for 1,000years– and also with June 9 just 18 days away, individuals have little time to prepare. Mr Weinland states the start of completion started in 1994 […]


Life after death: Woman meets Jesus Christ and angels in the afterlife – shock claim

The woman had never been a religious person, until what she believes was a monumental experience with Jesus Christ. After battling a throat disease and spending time in hospital the woman, called Vivian, suffered some complications with her illness and temporarily lost consciousness. At that moment she encountered a tunnel, and at the end she […]