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Putin on brink: Russian President under threat as he faces new unexpected domestic dilemma

The Government has been accused of trying to cover up the rising rate of inflation. The current official figures put the rate of inflation at 4.7 percent but in a report published by Rosstat, the state statistical agency has disputed that figure. Rosstat specifically referenced food such as cabbage – a staple of the Russian […]



Iran and US are putting world on brink of war, Russia rages after drone attack

Russia’s deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov spoke out after it was claimed Donald Trump had ordered a drone attack on Iran last night, before pulling out at the last minute. Mr Ryabkov said “the situation is on the brink of war”, according to Russian news agency RIA. A senior administration official told the New York […]


Venezuela crisis: Maduro regime to on brink of collapse claims US-backed rival Juan Guaido

The oil-rich nation’s economic collapse has caused widespread shortages and the flight of millions of refugees. Roughly a quarter of the population is in urgent need of aid, the UN says. “Mr Maduro does not govern like a president – he governs like a dictator,” Mr Guaido told France Info radio. Asked when the Maduro regime […]


Bitcoin on the brink of a bull-run? Analyst has high hopes for BTC next move

Nigel Green, chief executive of deVere Group, claims that bitcoin’s sustained foray above $ 8,000 this morning looks robust enough to build for a push even higher, propelling the value of the decade-old cryptocurrency to heights unseen since 2017. He said: “Ditching its trademark volatility, bitcoin has been stuck in no-man’s land for over a week […]


Middle East on brink: Oil tankers attacked off Oman – warnings issued as torpedoes used

One of the ships, the Front Altair, was on fire after being hit by a suspected torpedo but the vessel’s owner denied reports it had sunk. The second ship, the Kokuka Courageous, is afloat but the hull has been damaged. The tankers have both been evacuated, with 44 crew members rescued. It comes as the […]


EU on verge: Emmanuel Macron squirms as Donald Trump orders France leave EU

The French President appeared to tacitly confess that the European task was on unsteady ground in an interview on Swiss news website RTS. Speaking to host Darius Rochebin, Mr Macron went to pieces when Mr Trump’s remark was raised. Mr Rochebin stated: “The Washington Post reported that Donald Trump asked you: “Why do not you […]


Angela Merkel on edge: Germany ' s ' union of LOSERS ' pushes brink of COLLAPSE

Journalist Vanessa Vu anticipated the union Government Angela Merkel has actually been leading is on track to”harm themselves” Ms Vu informed German public broadcaster DW News: “I believe it’s a union of losers. Due to the fact that the truth is they have actually lost a great deal of voices. Great deals of individuals do […]