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Lost continent discovered beneath Europe after 70 million years in geological breakthrough

A team of experts led by Douwe van Hinsbergen, a professor of global tectonics and paleogeography at Utrecht University, has revealed the secret history of a great lost land mass which they have dubbed Greater Adria. They believe a fragment the size of present-day Greenland broke loose from ancient supercontinent Gondwanaland more than 200 million […]


Forgotten cemetery with over 120 coffins found buried beneath Tampa apartment complex

Ground-penetrating radar has uncovered what is believed to be more than 120 coffins under an apartment complex in Tampa, Florida. The remains appear to be part of the lost Zion Cemetery, Tampa’s first segregation-era burial ground, established in 1901 at the 3700 block of Florida Ave. The 2 1/2-acre burial ground disappeared nearly 100 years ago when the […]


Strictly Come Dancing 2019: ‘It’s beneath my dignity’ Star drops bombshell over signing up

Hugh Grant, 58, has wowed audiences young and old in some of the biggest blockbusters of recent times and now the actor is eyeing up a slot on Strictly Come Dancing. One of Hugh’s most infamous scenes from his role as Prime Minister in Love Actually saw the actor grace the floors of 10 Downing […]


World War 3: Unexploded US nuclear weapon hiding beneath Japanese waters ‘covered up’

On December 5, 1965, just three years after the Cuban Missile Crisis pushed Cold War tensions to the limits, the US made a monumental mistake during a training exercise. A United States Navy Douglas A-4E Skyhawk attack aircraft fell off the side of aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga while sailing through the Philippine Sea. The pilot, Lieutenant […]


Pelosi calls decision to ban ‘Squad’ members ‘beneath the dignity’ of Israel

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said that both President Trump and the Israeli government debased their offices when they pushed back on plans by two freshman congresswomen critical of Israel to visit the Mideast ally. “Israel’s denial of entry to Congresswomen Tlaib and Omar is a sign of weakness, and beneath the dignity of the great […]


Arctic SHOCK: Scientists left baffled after strange finding beneath Greenland’s ice

Researchers have revealed that a staggering 50 lakes remain hidden beneath Greenland’s frosty exterior – but that might not be the case for long. The discovery marks a huge turnaround in scientific understanding since the 1950s, when experts believed the ice sheet contained no liquid water. Now experts have identified more than 400 lakes beneath […]


Antarctica BOMBSHELL: Tectonic plate discovered below the surface area which is SLOWING melting

A formerly undiscovered conference of massive tectonic plates has actually been discovered below Antarctica’s biggest ice rack– the Ross Ice Shelf– and it is assisting to decrease melting patterns. The enormous tectonic plate has actually remained in location for numerous countless years, however researchers have actually only simply found this and the impact it is […]