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20 Creative Letterhead Templates to Make Your Brand Stand Out

There are many ways you can boost your brand’s recognition, and one of the best is via letterhead. By incorporating your logo and colors into your correspondence, you can help customers learn to recognize your company–and understand more about your values, aesthetic, and goals.

Here are 20 letterhead templates from Creative Market designers you can use to help build a recognizable brand.

Rose Gold Identity Kit

Marigold Studios has created ROSE GOLD, an identity kit that’s pink, stylish, and refined. It’s perfectly suited for lifestyle brands and beauty bloggers, and includes a bonus geometric Illustrator Pattern.

Letterhead Template

If you often write letters in MS Word, try using ContestDesign’s Letterhead Template. There are six different color variations available, and the template includes a link to the free font and image used in the mockup.

Lola & Gray Stationery Set

The branded templates of Made for Creatives’ Lola & Gray Stationery Set can be used for business cards, envelopes, and letterheads, so customers can receive branded, customized materials at any touchpoint where they interact with your business. The design is blue and whimsical, so it’s an excellent option for a creative company.

MS Word Letterhead Template

Another great template for MS Word documents is ContestDesign’s MS Word Letterhead Template. It’s sleek and professional, so you can use it if your company offers more formal services. It’s particularly easy to edit, so you can change items like text, logo, and images with just a mouse click.

Corporate Stationery Vol.2

This Corporate Stationery vol.2 set from nazdrag contains everything you need for branded correspondence with customers. You’ll find black and white business card templates, document folders, envelopes, and more. In addition to files which can be edited in Illustrator and Photoshop, there’s also an extensive user manual which makes customizing these pieces easy.

Corporate Identity

Create a strong corporate identity using ThemeDevisers’ Corporate Identity pack. Blue and white in color and minimalistic in style, it includes presentation folder templates, office ID card, envelope, and more. It’s editable in MS Word, PSD, and Illustrator.

Asian Dream Letterhead Template

Moving Parallels’ Asian Dream Letterhead is a tropical, colorful set of branding templates to help make your company look professional but fun. Find letterheads and envelopes inside, alongside a selection of free images and fonts. A good choice for a company specializing in travel, art, and design.

Elegant Stationery Set: Fleur

Nonola’s Elegant Stationery Set is a good option for any company that deals with nature, flowers, or plants. Inside the package is a business card, thank you card, two choices of letterhead, font files, and an envelope.

Bare Fashion Stationery Kit

Brand your beauty company with Nordic. Arg’s Bare Fashion Stationery Kit. It’s printable and has all of the basic brand identity components: letterhead, postcard, flyer, and more. You can replace the images and logos with your own, then start letting people know what your company is all about.

Stylish Stationery Set

Is your brand totally minimalistic, simple, and elegant? Then Graphicsegg’s Stylish stationery set is the branding package for you. Choose this simplistic pink and white set of branded elements to create your own letterhead, business card, and invoice. Editable in InDesign, Illustrator, and Word.

Stationery Corporate Identity 008

ID Vision Studios’ Stationery Corporate Identity 008 is dark and gives off a formal vibe for any company looking for branded materials that match their values. It includes an envelope and presentation folder in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop formats.


Use Studio Standard’s Fitzrovia Brand Pack to create a brand identity set that is glossy, sleek, and fashionable. The pack includes flyer templates, trifold brochure, and a magazine template. It’s a great choice if you’re a digital brand hoping to build an online presence.

Nouvelle Corporate Stationery V4

Graphicsegg’s Nouvelle Corporate Stationery V4 is a minimalistic set for a company wanting a refined image. It contains a logo, so you can get started building a brand if you haven’t yet, then incorporate your own personal touches into the included templates for letterheads, business cards, envelopes, invoices, and presentation folders.


Letterhead was created by artisanHR for companies looking for simple letterheads to use for their correspondence. The pack has three color variations, so you can choose which combination suits your company’s aesthetic.

JUNIPER Letterhead + Comps

Juniper is a modern, clean bundle of branded templates, including letterhead, sticker, compliments slip, and more. It has Photoshop and InDesign templates, and all fonts and images are included (and free).


Check out Designsbird’s Letterhead if you want a simple black and white letterhead to use for company correspondence. You’ll also find an extensive help file, providing guidance on how to make its templates your own.

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Marketer to Instagram Influencer: The Josh Horton Story

Want to become an Instagram influencer? Wondering how to maximize the exposure of your Instagram posts? To explore how to become a full-time Instagram influencer, I interview Josh Horton. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers, business […]

This post Marketer to Instagram Influencer: The Josh Horton Story first appeared on Social Media Examiner.

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Digital Marketing News: Video Ad Spend Up, Snap’s Unskippable Ads, & Instagram’s Latest

video ad spending

Digital video ad spend keeps rising, with social media (i.e., Facebook) set to see most growth
Social media and digital video advertising spending will see the biggest gains over the next year, according to new IAB study data from $ 1M+ buyers, with two-thirds planning to move traditional video budgets to digital video. Marketing Land

Unskippable six-second video ads are coming to Snapchat
Snapchat plans to test short unskippable ads, in what would be an about-face from the firm’s traditional practices, appearing in certain Snapchat Shows content. DigiDay

Instagram is Testing Slo-Mo Videos, a Mute Button, More
Instagram has been testing a number of new features including slow-motion videos, a story archive calendar, the ability to hide unwanted users, and other changes, according to an examination of the app’s code, in a possible preview of coming enhancements. Search Engine Journal

Amazon advertising is now worth $ 2 billion
Amazon advertising services grew sharply in the first quarter of 2018, topping $ 2 billion and a 132 percent year-over-year increase, one of several areas where the company bested estimates. DigiDay

Report: Millennials least influenced by retail advertising, most active tech adopters
Millennials use a wider variety of social media and other technology when shopping online compared to other age groups, according to new report data from Euclid which also shows differing purchasing expectations. Marketing Land

Twitter updates TOS and privacy policy to comply with GDPR
Twitter has updated its terms of service and privacy policy to comply with European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation, including personal information management improvements. MarTech Today

IAB Video Study April 2018

Google, Facebook, Chinese Platforms Dominate Digital Ad Growth
Digital advertising growth has been strongest among Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent, according to new report data from Forrester showing accelerated overall year-over-year-growth for all of the key 13 global firms included. MediaPost

Google launches new Google My Business API, new dashboard to manage multiple locations
Google has announced a new agency partner program and dashboard for its Google My Business (GMB) service, offering the ability to more easily manage multiple locations from one account. Search Engine Land

Twitter to Display News Articles More Prominently
Twitter has rolled out more prominently-featured on-screen real estate for news links shared by users’ network of contacts, in addition to grouping multiple references to the same tweet link, the company confirmed recently. Search Engine Journal

Snapchat is redesigning its redesign to get people watching more Stories
Snapchat is rolling out additional design improvements in the form of changing how its user-generated stories are displayed on users’ Discover page. Recode


Glass Half Full Marketoonist Cartoon

A lighthearted look at the risk of innovation, by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

Cambridge Analytica Offers 75% Off All Facebook User Data For Blowout Closing Sale — The Onion

The WIRED Guide to Memes — Wired


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  • Steve Slater — 9 Essential Things You Need to do Grow Your Small Business — Stargazer
  • Lee Odden — FIR Podcast #135: About That “You’re the Product” Trope… — Holtz
  • Lee Odden — Make Your Copy Enjoyable To Read — Mark Armstrong Illustration

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Digital Marketing News: Video Ad Spend Up, Snap’s Unskippable Ads, & Instagram’s Latest |

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Drive sales and reach more customers with new Shopping campaigns

Shoppers are looking for and researching products across all devices in more ways than ever before: searching online, watching product review videos, reading blog posts, browsing in apps, reading product ratings, etc. Each of these moments creates a new opportunity for you to get your product in front of a potential customer. Yet, it’s a challenge to manage across channels, products, technology, and data to reach today’s customers – all while trying to hit your marketing objectives.

Introducing Shopping campaigns that are goal-optimized

The next generation of Shopping campaigns empowers you to tackle this challenge head-on by tapping into the power of automation and machine learning to maximize your conversion value. For example, if you’ve defined your conversion value to be “revenue,” the goal-optimized campaign type will automatically optimize across networks to maximize “revenue” based on your budget constraints. The new Shopping campaign type also combines the channels previously available through separate Shopping and display remarketing campaigns into one campaign so you can maximize your reach and simplify campaign management.

While standard Shopping campaigns will continue to provide a more manual option, the new Shopping campaign type offers a fully-automated solution to drive sales and reach more customers. Managing your Shopping campaigns has never been easier.

Drive conversion value with automation and machine learning

Combined with signals like intent and context, there are a vast number of variables to consider when making important optimization decisions. The new Shopping campaign type is automatically goal-optimized and will take the guesswork out of your day-to-day optimizations to deliver your marketing goal, whether it’s maximizing conversion value or maximizing conversion value at a specific return on ad spend (ROAS). Our systems will evaluate all available signals and use machine learning to predict the likelihood of a search query to convert so you can make the most of your budget across networks, products, and audiences.

Find more customers with unparalleled reach

The new Shopping campaign type combines Shopping and display remarketing campaigns to deliver your ads across Google’s entire suite of sites and networks. Reach relevant and valuable potential customers while they’re looking at content across, the Google Search Network, the Google Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail.

Save time and resources through the new one-stop Shopping campaign type

With just one feed, one campaign, and one remarketing tag, all you need to do is add your products into the new goal-optimized campaign type. You won’t need to manage separate Shopping and display remarketing campaigns anymore. No further campaign set-up, manual optimization or tedious account maintenance are needed. This new Shopping campaign type will automatically optimize your bids, identify the right audiences, and determine where your ads show to maximize your conversion value. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you’ll be able to focus on more strategic initiatives. 

Promising results with early retail partners

Brazil-based Newlentes offers high-quality contact lenses at affordable prices with recognized reliability. As a pioneer in technology, they were excited to incorporate more automation and machine learning to drive better results. They launched the new Shopping campaign type, which resulted in 57% more revenue at a 61% higher return on ad spend (ROAS).

Turkey-based is an e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of apparel, electronics, and houseware products. Since they saw positive results with Universal App Campaigns, they were excited to use the new Shopping campaign type to improve performance. As a result, saw 23% more revenue at a 9% higher return on ad spend (ROAS).

Ready to get started?

The next generation of Shopping campaigns allow you to harness the power of automation and data-driven machine learning to maximize conversion value. It’s the first of many steps to empower retailers with tools to reach more customers in today’s age of assistance. The new campaign type will be available in AdWords over the next few weeks. Learn more today.

Posted by Tom Beyer, Product Manager, Shopping and Roy Baharav, Product Manager, Display Remarketing
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Moz’s Link Data Used to Suck… But Not Anymore! The New Link Explorer is Here – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by randfish

Earlier this week we launched our brand-new link building tool, and we’re happy to say that Link Explorer addresses and improves upon a lot of the big problems that have plagued our legacy link tool, Open Site Explorer. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand transparently lists out many of the biggest complaints we’ve heard about OSE over the years and explains the vast improvements Link Explorer provides, from DA scores updated daily to historic link data to a huge index of almost five trillion URLs.

Moz's Link Data Used to Suck... But Not Anymore! The New Link Explorer is Here - Whiteboard Friday

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!

Video Transcription

Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. This week I’m very excited to say that Moz’s Open Site Explorer product, which had a lot of challenges with it, is finally being retired, and we have a new product, Link Explorer, that’s taking its place. So let me walk you through why and how Moz’s link data for the last few years has really kind of sucked. There’s no two ways about it.

If you heard me here on Whiteboard Friday, if you watched me at conferences, if you saw me blogging, you’d probably see me saying, “Hey, I personally use Ahrefs, or I use Majestic for my link research.” Moz has a lot of other good tools. The crawler is excellent. Moz Pro is good. But Open Site Explorer was really lagging, and today, that’s not the case. Let me walk you through this.

The big complaints about OSE/Mozscape1. The index was just too small

Moz's Link Data Used to Suck... But Not Anymore! The New Link Explorer is Here - Whiteboard Friday

Mozscape was probably about a fifth to a tenth the size of its competitors. While it got a lot of the quality good links of the web, it just didn’t get enough. As SEOs, we need to know all of the links, the good ones and the bad ones.

2. The data was just too old

Moz's Link Data Used to Suck... But Not Anymore! The New Link Explorer is Here - Whiteboard Friday

So, in Mozscape, a link that you built on November 1st, you got a link added to a website, you’re very proud of yourself. That’s excellent. You should expect that a link tool should pick that up within maybe a couple weeks, maybe three weeks at the outside. Google is probably picking it up within just a few days, sometimes hours.

Yet, when Mozscape would crawl that, it would often be a month or more later, and by the time Mozscape processed its index, it could be another 40 days after that, meaning that you could see a 60- to 80-day delay, sometimes even longer, between when your link was built and when Mozscape actually found it. That sucks.

3. PA/DA scores took forever to update

Moz's Link Data Used to Suck... But Not Anymore! The New Link Explorer is Here - Whiteboard Friday

PA/DA scores, likewise, took forever to update because of this link problem. So the index would say, oh, your DA is over here. You’re at 25, and now maybe you’re at 30. But in reality, you’re probably far ahead of that, because you’ve been building a lot of links that Mozscape just hasn’t picked up yet. So this is this lagging indicator. Sometimes there would be links that it just didn’t even know about. So PA and DA just wouldn’t be as accurate or precise as you’d want them to be.

4. Some scores were really confusing and out of date

Moz's Link Data Used to Suck... But Not Anymore! The New Link Explorer is Here - Whiteboard Friday

MozRank and MozTrust relied on essentially the original Google PageRank paper from 1997, which there’s no way that’s what’s being used today. Google certainly uses some view of link equity that’s passed between links that is similar to PageRank, and I think they probably internally call that PageRank, but it looks nothing like what MozRank was called.

Likewise, MozTrust, way out of date, from a paper in I think 2002 or 2003. Much more advancements in search have happened since then.

Spam score was also out of date. It used a system that was correlated with what spam looked like three, four years ago, so much more up to date than these two, but really not nearly as sophisticated as what Google is doing today. So we needed to toss those out and find their replacements as well.

5. There was no way to see links gained and lost over time

Moz's Link Data Used to Suck... But Not Anymore! The New Link Explorer is Here - Whiteboard Friday

Mozscape had no way to see gained and lost links over time, and folks thought, “Gosh, these other tools in the SEO space give me this ability to show me links that their index has discovered or links they’ve seen that we’ve lost. I really want that.”

6. DA didn’t correlate as well as it should have

Moz's Link Data Used to Suck... But Not Anymore! The New Link Explorer is Here - Whiteboard Friday

So over time, DA became a less and less indicative measure of how well you were performing in Google’s rankings. That needed to change as well. The new DA, by the way, much, much better on this front.

7. Bulk metrics checking and link reporting was too hard and manual

Moz's Link Data Used to Suck... But Not Anymore! The New Link Explorer is Here - Whiteboard Friday

So folks would say, “Hey, I have this giant spreadsheet with all my link data. I want to upload that. I want you guys to crawl it. I want to go fetch all your metrics. I want to get DA scores for these hundreds or thousands of websites that I’ve got. How do I do that?” We didn’t provide a good way for you to do that either unless you were willing to write code and loop in our API.

8. People wanted distribution of their links by DA

Moz's Link Data Used to Suck... But Not Anymore! The New Link Explorer is Here - Whiteboard Friday

They wanted distributions of their links by domain authority. Show me where my links come from, yes, but also what sorts of buckets of DA do I have versus my competition? That was also missing.

So, let me show you what the new Link Explorer has.

Moz's new Link Explorer

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!

Wow, look at that magical board change, and it only took a fraction of a second. Amazing.

What Link Explorer has done, as compared to the old Open Site Explorer, is pretty exciting. I’m actually very proud of the team. If you know me, you know I am a picky SOB. I usually don’t even like most of the stuff that we put out here, but oh my god, this is quite an incredible product.

1. Link Explorer has a GIANT index

Moz's Link Data Used to Suck... But Not Anymore! The New Link Explorer is Here - Whiteboard Friday

So I mentioned index size was a big problem. Link Explorer has got a giant index. Frankly, it’s about 20 times larger than what Open Site Explorer had and, as you can see, very, very competitive with the other services out there. Majestic Fresh says they have about a trillion URLs from their I think it’s the last 60 days. Ahrefs, about 3 trillion. Majestic’s historic, which goes all time, has about 7 trillion, and Moz, just in the last 90 days, which I think is our index — maybe it’s a little shorter than that, 60 days — 4.7 trillion, so almost 5 trillion URLs. Just really, really big. It covers a huge swath of the web, which is great.

2. All data updates every 24 hours

Moz's Link Data Used to Suck... But Not Anymore! The New Link Explorer is Here - Whiteboard Friday

So, unlike the old index, it is very fresh. Every time it finds a new link, it updates PA scores and DA scores. The whole interface can show you all the links that it found just yesterday every morning.

3. DA and PA are tracked daily for every site

Moz's Link Data Used to Suck... But Not Anymore! The New Link Explorer is Here - Whiteboard Friday

You don’t have to track them yourself. You don’t have to put them into your campaigns. Every time you go and visit a domain, you will see this graph showing you domain authority over time, which has been awesome.

For my new company, I’ve been tracking all the links that come in to SparkToro, and I can see my DA rising. It’s really exciting. I put out a good blog post, I get a bunch of links, and my DA goes up the next day. How cool is that?

4. Old scores are gone, and new scores are polished and high quality

Moz's Link Data Used to Suck... But Not Anymore! The New Link Explorer is Here - Whiteboard Friday

So we got rid of MozRank and MozTrust, which were very old metrics and, frankly, very few people were using them, and most folks who were using them didn’t really know how to use them. PA basically takes care of both of them. It includes the weight of links that come to you and the trustworthiness. So that makes more sense as a metric.

Spam score is now on a 0 to 100% risk model instead of the old 0 to 17 flags and the flags correlate to some percentage. So 0 to 100 risk model. Spam score is basically just a machine learning built model against sites that Google penalized or banned.

So we took a huge amount of domains. We ran their names through Google. If they couldn’t rank for their own name, we said they were penalized. If we did a site: the and Google had de-indexed them, we said they were banned. Then we built this risk model. So in the 90% that means 90% of sites that had these qualities were penalized or banned. 2% means only 2% did. If you have a 30% spam score, that’s not too bad. If you have a 75% spam score, it’s getting a little sketchy.

5. Discovered and lost links are available for every site, every day

Moz's Link Data Used to Suck... But Not Anymore! The New Link Explorer is Here - Whiteboard Friday

So again, for this new startup that I’m doing, I’ve been watching as I get new links and I see where they come from, and then sometimes I’ll reach out on Twitter and say thank you to those folks who are linking to my blog posts and stuff. But it’s very, very cool to see links that I gain and links that I lose every single day. This is a feature that Ahrefs and Majestic have had for a long time, and frankly Moz was behind on this. So I’m very glad that we have it now.

6. DA is back as a high-quality leading indicator of ranking ability

Moz's Link Data Used to Suck... But Not Anymore! The New Link Explorer is Here - Whiteboard Friday

So, a note that is important: everyone’s DA has changed. Your DA has changed. My DA has changed. Moz’s DA changed. Google’s DA changed. I think it went from a 98 to a 97. My advice is take a look at yourself versus all your competitors that you’re trying to rank against and use that to benchmark yourself. The old DA was an old model on old data on an old, tiny index. The new one is based on this 4.7 trillion size index. It is much bigger. It is much fresher. It is much more accurate. You can see that in the correlations.

7. Building link lists, tracking links that you want to acquire, and bulk metrics checking is now easy

Moz's Link Data Used to Suck... But Not Anymore! The New Link Explorer is Here - Whiteboard Friday

Building link lists, tracking links that you want to acquire, and bulk metrics checking, which we never had before and, in fact, not a lot of the other tools have this link tracking ability, is now available through possibly my favorite feature in the tool called Link Tracking Lists. If you’ve used Keyword Explorer and you’ve set up your keywords to watch those over time and to build a keyword research set, very, very similar. If you have links you want to acquire, you add them to this list. If you have links that you want to check on, you add them to this list. It will give you all the metrics, and it will tell you: Does this link to your website that you can associate with a list, or does it not? Or does it link to some page on the domain, but maybe not exactly the page that you want? It will tell that too. Pretty cool.

8. Link distribution by DA

Moz's Link Data Used to Suck... But Not Anymore! The New Link Explorer is Here - Whiteboard Friday

Finally, we do now have link distribution by DA. You can find that right on the Overview page at the bottom.

Look, I’m not saying Link Explorer is the absolute perfect, best product out there, but it’s really, really damn good. I’m incredibly proud of the team. I’m very proud to have this product out there.

If you’d like, I’ll be writing some more about how we went about building this product and a bunch of agency folks that we spent time with to develop this, and I would like to thank all of them of course. A huge thank you to the Moz team.

I hope you’ll do me a favor. Check out Link Explorer. I think, very frankly, this team has earned 30 seconds of your time to go check it out.

Try out Link Explorer!

All right. Thanks, everyone. We’ll see you again for another edition of Whiteboard Friday. Take care.

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eventcore Brings Advanced Registration to Your Event [Review]

eventcore review

eventcore is a solid event registration tool for corporate events. Here is our review. Let’s start this review by saying that eventcore has been around for 34 years. It is a company that you may know of if you’ve worked on very demanding events that require sophisticated registration tools. eventcore has been growing quite fast […]

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