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Car Insurance UK: You could be invalidating your car insurance right now

Car Insurance premiums may have fallen but young drivers still stand to pay over £1,500 on average for a young drivers insurance policy to get them on the road. Adults between 25 and 50 pay an average of almost £700 per year after almost a four percent rise and can make considerable savings on policies compared […]

DVLA scam warning: Drivers could have their identity stolen today with this simple error

DVLA experts have warned motorists to not share images of their driving licence on social media. They also advise to not post photos of your V5C logbook or private registration certificates online to prevent crime. Vehicle registration documents are also targeted and DVLA experts say any photos which can expose personal information should not be shared. The latest […]

VW Group open to sharing PPE EV platform of Audi, Porsche

The Volkswagen Group has developed four modular platforms to support electric cars across its portfolio of brands, and will also share some of these to help spread the cost of introducing electrification throughout its operations. One of these, the MEB for small and medium mainstream cars, made its debut in September in the Volkswagen ID […]

Polestar 2 Performance Pack adds top-shelf chassis upgrades

Buyers looking to race up the Polestar 2 electric car need not fret. Volvo’s performance spinoff on Tuesday announced a Performance Pack for the battery-electric sport sedan that will be available from launch. The pack doesn’t add any extra power, though we’re sure few will be complaining with the stock output of 408 horsepower and […]

Used cars: Drivers are losing £500 when they buy a used car after failing to check this

Used cars for sale are tempting for motorists due to knock down cheap prices for some good models with low mileage, but simple mistakes can cause drivers paying out more than they should for a vehicle. Research has found motorists buying a used car could be missing out on £496 annually for failing to carry out […]

Driver told he must pay parking fine for stopping just outside bay in Liverpool car park

Parking instead across two bays in an empty car park, the driver was then slapped with a letter days later demanding a £100 charge. Jimmy Yoxall, 59, parked at the New Mersey Shopping Park in Liverpool to visit a B&Q store to grab a ladder. To his shock, the fine came through the post and explained how […]