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Eroding magnetic field could cause the EXTINCTION OF HUMANITY – shock claim

Scientists have previously stated the magnetic field, which protects life on Earth from cosmic radiation, has been weakening over the past 3,000 years – which could be due to an impending pole reversal. In recent years, scientists have been gearing up for a potential flip in the magnetic field …


Anne Hegerty: The Chase star addresses Bradley Walsh QUITTING claim

The Chaser, 60, regularly engaged with The Chase fans on social media and, at the seeking, used Twitter to put a rumour about host Bradley Walsh, 58, to rest. “Thought Bradley was quitting The Chase,” one viewer wrote. “More money threw at him I suspect.” Responding to the claim in view of her …

How to live longer: These colourful veg may protect against heart disease and cancer

UK health guidelines advise everyone eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day.
But to get the best benefits of all nutrients, it’s important to get a mix of different types of fruit and veg.
While there is no guarantee that following a healthy diet will help you to live longer, it can …

Notre Dame fire: 'France is COLLAPSING’ as prophetic warning signs in Bible are revealed

The 856-year-old French cathedral partially collapsed on Monday night, April 15, when a raging fire tore through Notre-Dame’s roof and spire. Parisian firefighters tackling the blaze, which started around 6.30pm local time (5.30pm BST), have managed to extinguish the last flames on Tuesday m…

Alexander Armstrong: 'Never been less convinced' Pointless host reacts to viewer's snaps

On an recent episode of BBC‘s Pointless, Alexander Armstrong, 49, asked contestant Ellie about her current employment.
She replied: “Well, I’m a lady of leisure.”
“That’s a good thing to be,” he responded.
Ellie continued: “It’s a wonderful thing to be. I highly recommend it.”


Solar flare: 'Largest ever' blast equal to 80 BILLION megatonnes of TNT lights up the sky

Astronomers have traced the solar flare to a “puny” brown dwarf star some 250,000 light-years away from Earth. The star, known as ULAS J224940.13-011236.9, is comparable in size to the gas giant Jupiter and is only a tenth of the Sun’s radius. But when the flare exploded, astronomers saw the st…