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Eroding magnetic field could cause the EXTINCTION OF HUMANITY – shock claim

Scientists have previously stated the magnetic field, which protects life on Earth from cosmic radiation, has been weakening over the past 3,000 years – which could be due to an impending pole reversal. In recent years, scientists have been gearing up for a potential flip in the magnetic field …


Pixel 3 has achieved a huge victory as Google slashes the price of this phone

Google Pixel 3 is the American tech giant’s newest flagship smartphone that built upon the solid foundation laid by the Pixel 2.
As is the case with all previous Pixel devices, the Pixel 3 comes in two sizes; dubbed the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.
Apart from the Pixel 3 XL’s larger…

Avengers Endgame ENDING ‘best minutes of entire MCU’ teases Robert Downey Jr – Here’s why

The Marvel epic’s plot is shrouded in secrecy, especially it’s ending – one that’s the conclusion to the 22-movie-spanning Infinity Saga of the MCU. However, that hasn’t stopped Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr teasing Avenger Endgame’s final minutes. Speaking with The Upcoming, the 54-year…

Anne Hegerty: The Chase star addresses Bradley Walsh QUITTING claim

The Chaser, 60, regularly engaged with The Chase fans on social media and, at the seeking, used Twitter to put a rumour about host Bradley Walsh, 58, to rest. “Thought Bradley was quitting The Chase,” one viewer wrote. “More money threw at him I suspect.” Responding to the claim in view of her …

How to live longer: These colourful veg may protect against heart disease and cancer

UK health guidelines advise everyone eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day.
But to get the best benefits of all nutrients, it’s important to get a mix of different types of fruit and veg.
While there is no guarantee that following a healthy diet will help you to live longer, it can …