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Natasha Lyonne Is Thrilled For ‘Russian Doll’ and the Emmys, We Think

If the premise of “Russian Doll” sounded familiar — a woman lives through the same night of her life, over and over and over again, to her frustration and eventual enlightenment — the actual show was anything but. This Netflix comedy series, which stars Natasha Lyonne as Nadia, the protagonist caught in an inexplicable time […]


Moon landing hoax: How lie about lunar craft was ‘accidentally’ exposed after decades

On July 20, 1969, NASA’s Apollo 11 mission successfully landed on the Moon. The event brought the world to a standstill as millions watched anxiously on live TV while Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the lunar surface, shortly followed by Buzz Aldrin. Armstrong then delivered his legendary “one small step” speech that marked the […]

Macri’s hopes brighten as Argentina’s economy improves

After months of turmoil and a $ 56bn IMF bailout, talk of economic recovery in Argentina may be relative — but it is enough to give President Mauricio Macri renewed hope ahead of October’s election. Investors dumped Argentine assets three months ago after an opinion poll suggested Mr Macri’s re-election bid was in danger. The […]

Windows 10 has another problem and it’s an embarrassing issue for Microsoft

Microsoft has suffered a rather embarrassing Windows 10 glitch which has hit one of its own-brand PCs. The glitch, which is affecting the firm’s flagship Surface Book 2, makes the computer’s main GPU appear to become completely undetectable. As spotted by ZDNet, once the latest version of Windows 10 is installed, the Surface’s Nvidia GPU […]

Hand luggage: Flybe reveal how to avoid additional baggage charge as cabin size explained

Flybe carries eight million passengers a year across its flight routes – with summer a peak time for travel. Britons who plump for the UK airline can expect budget fares for travel between 81 airports in the UK and Europe. Yet saving money on a plane ticket can often mean compromising on hand luggage space, […]

Life insurance to cover mortgage – is it required? Homeowners may want check the agreement

A life insurance policy can provide peace of mind to some policy owners, such as if they have dependent loved ones. Having this type of insurance means that should the worst happen, the insurer should be able to make the pay out. It may be that the money can be used to pay off the […]

Carol Kirkwood: ‘Thought she would’ve nabbed that’ Carol Vorderman on her surprising move 

Carol Vorderman, 58, excitedly told her BBC Radio Wales listeners she had finally secured an official email address after landing a new weekly show. In spite of her happiness over the new move, the former Countdown host seemed stunned as she wondered why her namesake Carol Kirkwood, 57, who works for BBC Breakfast, hadn’t snapped up the […]